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Research Report on Austrian Employment Law

I was asked to research Austrian Employment Law and compiled a report which would be very useful to any UK Company wishing to set up a branch in Austria as employment law is different and complex compared to English employment law. I have made this report available and downloadable to any interested party. I do… Read more »


The Golden Rules to Interview Success

The importance of that one opportunity to present yourself in the best possible light to get your ‘dream’ role should never be under estimated. But how to do it? How to beat all the other candidates to the role, and how do you show your prospective employer that you are the very person they want?


Sage Advice to Graduates

It is true to say that there are more graduates year on year than ever before, but unfortunately there are less job opportunities around than there were 20 years ago. Back in the 80s, it was easy to pick and choose jobs. Much easier than today.


Short Guide to Interview Tips

The first thing to mention about a job interview is that sometimes the interviewer is just as nervous as the interviewee. Depending upon the size of the company, you may find that the interviewer is the Head of a Department or a Team Leader and hasn’t actually had much experience in conducting an interview previously.

Research Report on French Employment Law

Research Report on French Employment Law

Testimonial “As a small but well-established business we needed to source an insurance/ risk management professional to be located as an outsourced resource with our client in France at very short notice. Kristina was an invaluable support in this process. She managed to short-list an impressive list of candidates within days of our briefing her… Read more »

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